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Author Wellbeing

Welcome to our page dedicated to holistic health and wellbeing for writers!

At Storycraft Gateway, we believe that caring for your mental and physical health is essential for thriving as a writer. It's easy to be consumed with the demands of writing and publishing. All the drafting editing, building a social media platform, your author website, marketing ... it's so much.


That why, to help, our Author Wellbeing Newsletter explores the holistic side of writing, acknowledging the challenges of balancing creativity with the demands of publishing and promotion, and provides tools for holistic wellbeing for writers. We want to help you prioritise your personal health to enhance both your writing habits and your overall wellbeing.

Let's grow a community where writers can flourish, on and off the page.

Receive the Author Wellbeing Newsletter

Nurture your creativity and productivity with our author wellbeing newsletter,
offering insights and tips to elevate your writing while prioritising your holistic health.

Welcome to the community.

Writing needs
holistic wellbeing

Discover how our author wellbeing newsletter integrates mental, physical, and emotional support to enhance your writing journey.

From managing stress to boosting creativity, we show you how to prioritise your overall wellbeing to help you thrive as a writer.

Beach Walk
Outdoor Reading

Make time for self-care
and unwinding

Our author wellbeing newsletter offers practical tips and gentle reminders to prioritise self-care amidst your busy writing schedule.

Learn how to carve out moments for relaxation, rejuvenation, and mindfulness, ensuring that you can write with clarity, purpose, and joy.

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