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Writer's Resources

Welcome to Storycraft Gateway's Writer's Resources, your go-to hub for free resources for writers to help you navigate the book writing and publishing process.

Explore resources like our exclusive self-editing checklist and discover key questions to ask your beta readers to refine your manuscript. Plus, access our network of trusted industry professionals, including designers and editors, ready to collaborate with you on your author journey.


At Storycraft Gateway, we're committed to empowering writers with the knowledge and support they need to thrive in today's publishing landscape and to create the book you're envisioning. Let's bring your story to life, together.

Free Writing Resources

Free downloadable writing and editing resources to assist you in creating the book you're dreaming of.

Anything missing you want to see here? Let us know!

Storycraft Gateway's APPROVED
Writing and Publishing Partners

Explore our network of trusted industry professionals, including coaches, editors, proofreaders, beta readers, typesetters, and publishing teams ready to collaborate with you on your author journey.


Art of Donika

Donika Mishineva is a seasoned book cover designer and author brand expert with 17 years of design experience. Specialising in graphic and web design, she excels in crafting captivating visual identities for authors. Her expertise lies in creating stunning book covers and rich author brands, including websites, marketing materials, and book trailers.

Zen Garden

Author Wellbeing

Caring for your mental and physical health is essential for thriving as a writer. It's easy to get sucked into the tasks of writing and publishing, so we're here to help you thrive both on and off the page.

Check out our Author Wellbeing page, where you can learn about the holistic side to publishing.

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